Rental of exclusive apartments in Sea Towers by the sea


The information shall not constitute an offer within the meaning of Article 66 of the Civil Code. The data provided are for information purposes only. All prices are net prices.

Reservation of an apartment means at the same time acceptance of the regulations.

The following Rules of Procedure shall apply the following terminology:

  • Guest – Tenant
  • Owner of the apartment – Lessor
  • Apartment – a residential unit in the Sea Towers building at 6 Hryniewickiego Street in Gdynia.
  1. The apartment is rented for a day.
  2. Check-in hours last from 3.00 p.m. to 11.00 a.m.
  3. Późne zameldowanie po godzinie 18.00 do 22.00 za dopłatą 50 PLN, od godziny 22.00 za dopłatą 100 PLN.
  4. The Guest (Tenant) shall notify the Owner (Lessor) by 10:00 a.m. on the date of expiry of the rental period of any wish to extend the stay beyond the period specified on the date of arrival.
  5. The Owner (Lessor) considers wishes of extending the stay as far as possible.
  6. The Owner (Lessor) is obliged to provide conditions for a full and unrestricted rest of the Guest (Tenant).
  7. The Tenant should notify the Lessor about the occurrence of damage immediately after its stating.
  8. Each time the Tenant leaves the Apartment should check excluding all electrical devices and closing of doors and windows. After the end of rental period, the Tenant is obliged to return the key, card, remote control and any entrusted security features of the apartment to the owner or to a person indicated by the Owner.
  9. The Tenant cannot provide the apartment to third parties, even if the period for which he paid for the stay has not expired.
  10. The Owner (Lessor) does not agree (without his written consent and knowledge) to the organization by the Guest (Tenant) of any parties, occasional events, meetings greater than overnight number of people in the Apartment. For breaching the ban, the Owner will charge a contractual penalty of PLN 5000.00 (say: five thousand zlotys) per one such evening.
  11. In case of the Guest’s (Tenant’s) desire to organize special events, the rate will be determined individually (rate depends on the number of guests and type of event, minimum rental value x 2).
  12. Persons not registered in the Apartment may stay there from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. only with the express consent of the Lessor. Without the consent of the Lessor, only persons (number of persons) indicated in the previous reservation may stay in the Apartment.
  13. The Apartment keeps quiet night time from 10.00 p.m. to 7.00 a.m. For disruption of quiet hours, the Owner will charge a contractual penalty of 5000.00 PLN (in words: five thousand zlotys) for each such incident.
  14. Sprzątanie płatne przy rezerwacji apartamentu lub przy przekazaniu kluczy 150 zł za apartament.
  15. Due to fire safety reasons it is forbidden to use heaters and other similar devices not included in the equipping of rooms. It is also forbidden to use pyrotechnic materials in the Apartment.
  16. Smoking is strictly forbidden in the Apartment, except for places in the building outside the Apartment designated for this purpose (properly marked), as well as bringing animals. For breaking the ban, the Owner will charge a contractual penalty of PLN 500.00 (in words: five hundred zlotys).
  17. The Owner of the apartment is not responsible for maintaining silence, e.g. carrying out renovation works, etc.
  18. The Tenant shall be liable for any damage to the property of the Apartment (including permanent damage to the dirt and equipment, or for their loss) as a result of improper use of the building, both financially and in terms of civil liability.
  19. The Lessor may refuse to accept the Lessee, who during the previous stay grossly violated the regulations of stay, causing damage to the property of Apartment, to the property of building, to persons of other tenants of the building, to employees of the building or otherwise disturbed the peace.
  20. If any breach of these regulations is noticed, the Owner (Lessor) of the Apartment has a right to terminate further use/rental of the Apartment without refunding the Tenant for full period of stay.
  21. The Owner reserves the right to alternative accommodation in a building of similar standard.
  22. Rezerwacja ważna jest po wpłacie zadatku i potwierdzeniu przez Właściciela dokonania rezerwacji.
  23. The Owner provides the Apartment upon payment of 100% of the reservation value and upon payment of the deposit.
  24. Zwrot kaucji nastąpi nie później niż po 7 dniach od opuszczenia Apartamentu, gdy nie zostaną stwierdzone szkody.
  25. Wpłata 100% zaliczki nie podlega zwrotowi w przypadku rezygnacji. W przypadku rezerwacji na jedną dobę przedpłata wynosi 100% kwoty zarezerwowanego pobytu. Nie podlega zwrotowi 100% zaliczki w przypadku rezerwacji terminów w czasie Świąt, Sylwestra oraz podobnych tego typu okoliczności. Opłata nie podlega zwrotowi przy skróceniu pobytu. Wszelkie przewalutowania, opłaty dostawców, pośrednictw płatniczych etc. pokrywa Najemca.
  26. An integral part of the above regulations is the List of appliances i.e. equipment of the Apartment.
  27. The Lessor is not responsible for damages or difficulties caused by events beyond the Lessor’s control, such as: difficult weather conditions, failures in water, electricity, gas, television, Internet and others.
  28. W celu otrzymania faktury należy poinformować o tym fakcie Wynajmującego przed dokonaniem jakichkolwiek wpłat.